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*This profile is neither an application for a specific program nor is it a binding agreement. The information you provide will assist the Education Abroad staff in helping you select and apply for programs and scholarships.
Filling out this profile and making an appointment with the Office of Education Abroad are the first steps in the Study Abroad or Study Away process.

This profile cannot be saved and resumed at a later time. Please complete in one sitting.

Questions? Please contact or 859-572-6523.

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Study Abroad takes place internationally, while Study Away takes place within the United States.

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Important Information
Please note that most study abroad programs are assessed a $25 study abroad fee, which appears on a student's account during the study abroad program term.

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Release of Information
I hereby attest to the accuracy of the information I have included in this profile and give my full permission for the use of this information. I understand my full profile will be reviewed by the Office of Education Abroad.

This profile does NOT guarantee placement in a study abroad program, nor does it fulfill the application requirements for a specific program.
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If you are not sure if your profile was successfully submitted, please contact us at or 859-572-6523.

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